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Sandi Rigby

Sandi lives on the Sydney north shore and started studying printmaking in 1997. Her work is often influenced by long bush walks. She tries to capture the mood of the subject with colour, pattern ,texture and detail, layering plates and working both conceptually and realistically.

Nyree Reynolds

As an Aboriginal woman of the Wiradjuri Nation I like to tell stories through my paintings. As part of my art practice I paint the Aboriginal children of the Stolen Generations blending into the landscape, their own Country from which they were removed. My hope is that when people view my work they will leave with a new understanding of people who have been taken away from their family, home and Country. That they are real people with real stories to be told. Then I know my painting narratives have achieved what I hoped they would.

Ronald Frederick Horstman

Born in Orange 1947, his first brush with the art work was when he won a prize at school in 1959. Inheriting his grandfather’s oils, he took on the art world winning a Commonwealth Art Scholarship taking him on a journey studying painting at the National Art School. After several subsequent years of study at Sydney University as well as the Institute of Western Sydney. Ronald is now embarking on a retrospective of his works through painting, drawing and informal surveys for his first solo exhibition in 2018.

Anne Graham

My work is always about people, their habitations and their things; I make portraits about the real or imagined history of places and of people and I assemble installations attempting to distill something, the subject. I collect tools, culinary implements, measuring devices, combs and brushes; all of these things relate to some kind of repeated human activity. These sounds and the rhythms of these activities are part of every day life and the ordinary objects we use to order our world. My intention is to transform a known and ordinary thing into something new and not previously imagined.

Warwick Fuller

Residing west of the Blue Mountains in Little Hartley, Plein air painter, Warwick’s career has spanned over 35 years. He is a Fellow of the Royal Art Society of NSW with paintings hung in private, corporate and institutional collections in Australia and overseas. He is represented in prominent galleries in Sydney,the Blue Mountains and London and has won numerous awards and had over 60 one man exhibitions. He is also the occasional art judge, adviser and teacher.

Anna Di Mezza

My body of work is influenced by found vintage photos and films. I like to superimpose images on unrelated and unexpected backgrounds to create a visual narrative. My paintings are mostly monochromatic palette with occasional pops of colour. My influences are wide and varied, from Magritte, DeChirico, Surrealism, PopArt, Hitchcock, Kubrick to David Lynch.

Anna Culliton

Anna is a ceramicist working out of the Kanimbla Valley in NSW, Australia.

A love of animals and nature is integral to her work, with many different styles, specializing in “funk” ceramics. She has exhibited regularly since the mid 2000’s and in 2015 was finalist in the Muswellbrook Art Prize, National Portrait Gallery 2016.

Nicole O'Regan

Nicole is an already accomplished metal worker who has recently turned her skills towards a career as a sculptor. Her featured piece; “Stallion” is inspired by beauty, power and spirit of the untamed stallion. “I have created a figurative sculpture aiming to represent an expression of poise, balance and tension.”

Kay Booker

A Ceramic Artist specializing in totem poles and one of a kind forms. In her featured piece, birds represent flight. At times the ‘birds’ beaks are ascending and sometimes descending, similar to the emotional path in earthly life but,the ascending path leads on. The moons are the highest point of the totem pole, representing the higher path to be encountered.