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GANG GANG Gallery has a number of regular artists permanently on display or visit our retail section.

We have a wide variety of beautiful artisan pieces for purchase



Have your friends and family contribute to a beautiful and significant gift that will stay with you forever



Interest free Lay-by is our flexible payment option designed to make purchasing art more accessable




Ralph is one of our favourites here at Gang Gang and with his exciting collection of works from his Wyalong studio on permanent display and purchase in the gallery. His beautiful and eccentric pieces a favourite here at Gang Gang and would certainly be a valuable and loved asset to your collection.

“I have the luxury of working and living in a vast and well equipped studio in Wyalong NSW. This is a space entirely dedicated to the production of sculpture and painting. Here I sculpt in a variety of media but I particularly enjoy pre-loved metal and clay. I also paint in luxurious colours full of graphic mark making. It is an environment devoted to the worship of art.

After studying art in Newcastle I work and teach in regional NSW. By removing my self from the city early in my career I have been able to develop my art away from the tyranny of other influences and the stresses of city life. I revel in the freedom that living on the edge of the Mallee country gives me with access to sculptural materials and the space to both sculpt and paint in my large studio spaces.’


Branching Out Designs is a collaboration of sisters Jillian Culey and Carolyn Dance.

Jillian works predominantly with locally harvested fibres. She explores and experiments with traditional techniques and functional baskets as well as playing with new ideas and creating more abstract forms.

For Carolyn weaving is a meditative process where the purposeful, slow and rhythmic movements help to transform natural materials into a practical basket or abstract and unique piece.

We stock a great variety of basket and weaving from the girls, as well as hosting regular Weaving Workshops. Check our Workshop page for details.


Ronald is our resident artist. You will often find him painting in a corner of the gallery and your more than welcome to pull up a stool next to him and have a chat.

Born in Orange 1947, his first brush with the art work was when he won a prize at school in 1959. Inheriting his grandfather’s oils, he took on the art world winning a Commonwealth Art Scholarship taking him on a journey studying painting at the National Art School.

After several subsequent years of study at Sydney University as well as the Institute of Western Sydney. Ronald is now embarking on a retrospective of his works through painting, drawing and informal surveys for his first solo exhibition in 2018.

Ronalds artwork is also for sail through the Gallery.


Damian Howard (DAM-ARD) bespoke range of furniture is a permanent fixture featured in the gallery. Our stunning timber work, door fixtures and gallery tables are a testament to his craftsmanship and although most of his pieces are custom orders, we are lucky enough to have a specially made range available only at Gang Gang.

Damien also has been commissioned by The Wolgan Valleys ‘Emirates The One and Only’ 


Kaylene is a local artist who career started in the Animation industry working for The Walt Disney Company.

She has recently moved into sculptural textile and design working in particular with macrame, bringing the once dated craft into the contemporary and bazaar. Some of her works are currently on display in the Gallery.


Anna Culliton is a ceramic artist working in the Kanimbla Valley, west of the Blue Mountains. Her work is mostly figurative, typically involving scenes of people and companion animals in domestic situations. Her ceramics pieces portray a gentleness and hope for the peaceful co-existence of all beings large and small.

“My animals do not actually belong to me. They live close to my heart, and for this exhibition I have invited them in to my home to be part of my domestic life.

Living in the beautiful Kanimbla Valley, I have the good fortune of sharing my surrounding with very special native fauna. I moved here, with my family, 21 years ago as Sydney escapees. In that period of time we have done a great deal of regenerating to our surrounding landscape and the outcome is phenomenal.

My animals are so precious, and so vulnerable. I love to think of our home as a reliable and safe place for them to reside in. Our coats that hang at the doorway are where the micro bats return to after an evening of hunting. The Grey Shrike Thrush family have a nest at our laundry door. Our orchard is not netted so there is plenty of fruit for the little gliders, and even our roses are on offer.”

Anna Culliton