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4.30pm till 6.30pm – ADMISSION $30

DREAMS OF FALLING trio with John Shand, Rebecca Daniel and Leigh Birkett
Dreams of Falling magically combines music with poetry and prose, mainly penned by Walkley Award-winning writer John Shand (best known as The Sydney Morning Herald’s long-term theatre and music critic). John (spoken word, percussion) is joined by Rebecca Daniel (1741 violin, viola, vocals) and Leigh Birkett (guitars). The diaphanous music, ranging from songs sung by Rebecca to Celtic folk, improvised dialogues and soundscapes, is sometimes an end in itself,  while more often framing the poetry and prose (also by Dylan Thomas, Kim Addonizio, Carol Major and others). The pieces are variously meditative, searing, humorous, erotic or surreal, creating a series of sonic dreams in which to forget a more prosaic world.