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Greater Blue Mountains Creative Arts Network (GBMCAN) is a network supporting a vibrant, sustainable, creative arts community through leadership, member services and collaborative partnerships. To fulfil this mission, GBMCAN aims to help the Greater Blue Mountains creative arts community reach its full potential to support the important Greater Blue Mountains tourist industry, and the quality of living for residents and visitors alike.

Connecting Creatives Across the Greater Blue Mountains 

We are delighted to welcome you to the Greater Blue Mountains Creative Arts Network (GBMCAN) — a vibrant, engaged community of creatives living in the Greater Blue Mountains encompassing the City of Blue Mountains and the Seven Valleys (Lithgow).  

In collaboration with our partner organisations, we seek to support all arts genres and to project a positive image, regionally, nationally and internationally of Greater Blue Mountains arts and culture through member-initiated projects, art exhibitions and through multi-arts events with our network partners.

We offer our members personalised pages on our website, and the opportunity to engage in thought leadership through our blog and forums.  

The GBMCAN community is supported by a volunteer management committee that meets once a month and reports to our members through our quarterly ARTBytes e-newsletter.

Members can get involved in the full range of our activities and projects, which you can learn about elsewhere on this website:

  • Seek support for your project from fellow members in the network  
  • As a visual artist, help to support and exhibit in our exhibition programs  
  • Have your personal page linked to your own artwork and projects on our website
  • As a writer, contribute to our Regenesis Collective blog and ARTBytes quarterly newsletter  
  • As a cultural worker in the community, help us build strong partnerships with other cultural organisations  
  • As a creative use BMCAN as your auspicing body if you are applying for a grant
  • As a musician or performing artist, work with us to initiate and run multi-arts events that showcase your talents
  • As a network partner, work with us to initiate projects that support the creative community. 

Don’t hesitate to reach out to members of the Management Committee to discuss your ideas and needs.