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Are you an aspiring artist looking to take the next step in your career and don’t know where to start?


Gang Gang Gallery’s Emerging Artists Program is an initiative designed to help and encourage artists of all ages who are new to the exhibition process. It will give the applicant valuable experience in all aspects from working with gallery curators and directors, learning how to price and successfully display and market their works, meeting buyers and collectors as well as receiving advice and mentor-ship from creative peers and established artists.

The successful applicants will be invited to exhibit two pieces in one of our major exhibitions throughout the year. This will be at no cost to the artist, we only ask that you are available one day per to assist staff in the gallery through the day, this will give you a feel for how a gallery operates and an opportunity for you to ask all the questions you need.



EBONY SALAMA – Pottery/Ceramics


My work borrows from the romantic ideals of union with the natural world and the connection we as humans share with the creatures that walk alongside us. This work depicts the battle scarred Mercenary flaunting wounds upon his face, and the Mother lying exposed with swollen teats but baring no kittens. The cats manifest both the anger and aggression of the dominant male, and the submission and nurturing of the reserved female. Both are common behaviors found in each respective sex of cat, and the animal kingdom as a whole. As such, these pieces are both consciously buying into the stereotypes of traditional gendered roles. It’s up to the viewer to decide whether or not they support the idea or reject it, and if they think of these attributes as a positive or negative force. We like to think ourselves above this behavior, however I’m curious as to how prevalent this nature is in our own species and want to question how far removed we actually are from our primal instincts that we so look down upon.

GALLERY NOTES – Ebony’s love and passion for the arts shines through in all that she does and already an accomplished digital media artist. Ebony is a quiet and reserved young lady who’s personality is displayed beautifully through her works. We see a bright future in the arts world and she will definitely be a name to look out for.