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APRIL 11th – THREE HANDED BEAT BANDITS with John Stuart and Neil Duncan

4.30pm till 6.30pm – ADMISSION  $25

THE TREE HANDED BEAT BANDITS – …undoubtedly the best three-handed big band in the world today. Made up of the two-handed, John Stuart, and the single­-handed, Neill Duncan – between them they play guitar, bass, congas, drums and saxophone, all at the same time. Megaphone vocals included, this beat combo swing their listeners through a kaleidoscope of musical styles, including reggae, ska, calypso, funk, swing, and a little klezmer thrown in for good measure. Beautiful to the ear. Great for the feet.

Neill Duncan is one of New Zealand’s most exciting and eccentric musical exports. His natural talent was almost cut short in 2016 when he lost his left arm to cancer. Proving you can’t keep a great musician quiet, Neill now plays a bespoke, one-handed tenor saxophone, designed and built in Amsterdam. As if that weren’t impressive enough, he also plays an adapted drum kit, a megaphone, and a few additional weird and wonderful instruments that thrill crowds Australia-wide.

John Stuart is a master of the seven­-string guitar. That one extra string lets John cover the bass lines as well as the chords that accompany the Bandit’s wide repertoire. At any given time, you can see John switching between driving bass lines and sparkling melodies. Not to be outdone by his single-handed collaborator, John also adds dynamic South American rhythms to the mix with mighty conga playing that gets every crowd up and jumping.