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JUNE 1st -11th


Exploring photography, collage, mixed media and assemblage

OPENING EVENT – Saturday June 3rd from 2pm 




Each of our featured artists will be spending an entire day in the Gallery, we would love for you to join them
JAN MELVILLE – Saturday 3rd – 11.30am to 4.30pm
KYLIE BLAKEMORE – Sunday 11th – 2.30pm to 4.30pm


I appropriate images into my collage works to create works that make one believe in the unbelievable.
Working in collage, mixed media, and assemblage was for me a natural progression from being a full time printmaker and teacher of printmaking for over 25 years.
Once again certain images caught my eye women, dresses, birds. Works were created on paper, canvas and finally into 3D assemblage works in boxes, at times adding small objects and ephemera. I liked this cross over in the working mediums and a small body of works was in the making.
An inspiration for a number of works in this concept come from the Frozen Charlotte dolls that held a fascination for me. This carried into a 3D assemblage work. As well there were also childhood memories of circuses and performers and side show alley. Many child hood memories are held within these works resulting in Circus ImaginARY.

Jan Melville is a printmaker, collagist, assemblage and book artist who has been an invited artist-in-residence in Italy, Ireland and the UK (Sidney Nolan Trust). She has also been a guest printmaker on a short visit to Singapore in 2017 at the Tyler Print Institute. She has exhibited in both solo and group shows for many years and is an invited tutor in workshops both in Sydney and The Blue Mountains..



Painter, photographer, writer & filmmaker with an eclectic and nomadic artistic career spanning over 20 years and almost as many relocations, I sometimes find my best work comes from ‘unlearning‘ all my formal training and previous successes and being open to finding inspiration in the most unlikely of places.
The aim of my most recent work is to try capture that elusive feeling of spontaneity, creativity and pure joyful childish abandon of ‘play,’ while paying homage to some of my favourite bygone eras of film, painting and photography.
My style varies between expressionist, abstract, impressionist and just a dash of realism to shake things up a bit from time to time, and liberal does of whimsy.
All my photographs are either limited edition or original mixed media works printed on archival photographic or cotton rag papers and often hand painted with my own mix of acrylic or oil based paints.